CEM - Comprehensive Event Management

CEM is an event management concept that encompasses all the components of a particular program under one oversight committee. The CEM model regards an event as a self-contained business unit with goals, objectives, cash-flow, ROI, tracking results, etc. Of course all of these steps are designed in accordance with the type of program.

CEM serves as the 'nerve connectors' between the parts of a program. In other words an interface of all major components under one administrative custody. Of course some programs will have all of these components and a few more --- and some will not. Our CEM approach will conform to the goals and objectives set by the client.

CEM Central Team - a core team composed by a team-leader (from GEC); a client contact (could be the host of the program or a designated person with decision making authority); someone from the host facility (Hotel, resort, convention center, or whatever venue the event is taking place) and a 4th person -- which will vary depending on the size and scope of the event and which main areas require direct representation.