ORECK CORPORATION Gary Pitcock - National Sales Manager

Darryl, Randy & Crew- I don’t know where to start other then saying “Thank You”. You and your staff are a total pleasure to work with! I thought the show at the Beau Rivage in Mississippi was going to be tough to beat, then you out did it at the Four Seasons in Texas, now you did it again at this years annual meeting in New Orleans. Each year it seems to get better and better. From the kick off videos to your complete event management, I can honestly say we couldn’t do it with out you. We look forward to working with you on this years annual at the Buena Vista Palace in Orlando.

AT&T Polly Azarian - Northeast Region

RDP - Thank to you to the entire team! Having you running the shows allows me to do other things that require my attention. You guys are awesome and always find a way to do the impossible when asked. Can’t imagine having one of our meetings or major events without yo

 CSA Eric Levine - President

We have had the privilege of working with RDP productions for close to 20 years. RDP’s commitment to client satisfaction is unmatched. RDP has produced infomercials for us that have aided my company in generating over 100 million dollars in retail sales. One of the main things I appreciate about RDP is their ability to take a concept and turn it into the vision we are looking for. I am confident that what RDP has done for us over the years has been a major reason for the success and growth of my company….Plus they are great people!